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Special School Provision


The North West SILC is a multi-sited special school. This provides a range of pupil placement opportunities.

Green Meadows School consists of two sites – The primary school on Bradford Road, Guiseley and secondary school on Back Lane, Guiseley.

At Green Meadows Primary School we meet the needs of predominantly primary-aged pupils, many of whom have communication and interaction difficulties including autism.

At Green Meadows Secondary School students have simliar needs as those in the primary school, and are able to remain within our Post-16 provision until they are 19.

Facilities at Green Meadows School include a hydrotherapy pool, a poly-tunnel (for growing fruit and vegetables), large outdoor areas, Multi-Use Games areas and a wild-life / outdoor learning zone.

For further information and details about Green Meadows School please click on the 'Green Meadows' tab on the left.

At Penny Field School we meet the needs of children and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Due to the complexity of need we have specialist staff who are well trained and experienced. This includes an inclusion nursing team on site full-time and a high level of physiotherapist input as well. We have a hydrotherapy pool at Penny Field School and  also a sunken trampoline for Rebound Therapy and exercise. The curriculum is largely sensory-based in order to match to the needs of the children and young people.

For further information and details about Penny Field School please click on the 'Penny Field' tab on the left.

What People say about us

"A fantastic school that caters for all the needs of their brilliant students. Brilliant staff, who are a credit to the school and the SILC."

Tom Mulvihill, Bradford College, Schools Direct

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