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Pastoral Support


Support for many of our pupils begins from the moment they are collected by their bus or taxi. Our colleagues from the Leeds transport department play a vital role in linking home and school – ensuring the well-being of all pupils and enabling important communication. Our staff understand the individual needs of our pupils and the challenges they face, and support to ensure ‘learning readiness’, for example through coaching and mentoring and sharing social stories. Our staff team includes Pastoral Managers and Pastoral Care Assistants. 

All SILC staff put the safety and well-being of pupils first. We are diligent in reporting and sharing any concerns about individual pupils and we always ensure that parents and carers are consulted about every issue.

Parents and carers are welcome to visit at any time to discuss issues with class-based staff or a member of the leadership team.

What People say about us

' The children were inspiring'  The feeling of wellbeing was overwhelmimg, both children and staff all appeared so happy

Associate Governor (following a student performance)

'The schools measures to keep the pupils safe appear very strong'  The ethos of the school points to safety first

External Consultant (ex HMI)

'Everyone really cares for the pupils and looks out for them. Even when (pupil) was at his most challenging the staff didn't give up on him'


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