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Our Students

... are BRILLIANT!

Ray from Raindrops - piano and microphone

What Our Students Have to Say

'The best thing about school? The Work! '

'I like going into mainstream lessons and making friends'

'I do better stuff and learn more here'

'I like reward time and with laptops I get a chance to catch up with work

'I like all teachers....I used to get into trouble too much in my last school'

Being Safe, Feeling Safe

Keeping you safe is not only about protecting you and every other child/young person from deliberate harm, it also includes:

·  pupil health and safety   
·  drug and substance misuse 
·  intimate care 
·  bullying   
·  harassment and discrimination 
·  gang activity
·  supporting those with medical conditions
·  providing first aid
·  educational visits
·  internet safety
·  racist abuse
·  use of physical intervention
·  school security

“The NWSILC is committed to safeguarding and promoting your well-being and the well-being of all our children and expects you, our staff and volunteers and your parents/carers to share this commitment.”

Always tell an adult in school if you are concerned about your own or another pupil’s safety or well-being! We are here to listen. 

Our Pupil Voice

We recognise and value the power of power of the voice of they child/young person and their contribution to the decision-making process within school. Pupils across each of the NWSILC’s specialist school sites and mainstream partnership settings have elected representatives to the School Council.

School Council representatives meet regularly with other pupils from their own class, site or setting, and as a whole SILC Council, to put forward new ideas and share views, suggestions and ways of solving problems, before reporting back on progress made.

There is also the SILCs Parliament - where respresentatives from all the SILCs in Leeds get together!

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