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Curriculum Offer

We strive to ensure that the curriculum is matched to the needs, interests and aspirations of our children and young people. We recognise that all of our learners are unique therefore a 'one size fits all' approach to the curriculum is not the right one.

We have recently introduced a new and improved curriculum for the pupils across all sites, which is linked to the needs of our pupils. As the pupils have very different needs and abilities, we believe it is only right to offer different curriculum pathways for the pupils, which will allow them to develop and learn in ways that will match their needs and therefore improve outcomes in the short and long term.

Our three ‘Pathways of Learning’ are as follows:

Sensory Pathway:

Students with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties will be provided with an informal curriculum which is specifically designed to meet their needs in connecting and responding.

Working Towards Independence:

Pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties will benefit from a semi-formal approach to the National Curriculum which promotes life-skills and is highly stimulating. They will also be provided with opportunities to access sensory learning activities.

Independent Pathway:

Learners with Moderate and Specific Learning Difficulties will receive an adaptation of the National Curriculum which emphasises life skills. 

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