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Pupil Premium

Our learners who are eligible for pupil premium funding are not underachieving in comparison to their peers. This is due to our relentless commitment to personalised learning around the holistic needs of the individual.

Pupils at the North West SILC have a range of additional and complex needs. As such we employ a suite of assessment tools to understand, record and evaluate progress. This includes Early Years, National Curriculum & P Levels Connecting Steps, Adult Steps, and SCERTS. We are also in the process of developing our own Non-Academic Rate of Progress Measure which we are trailing during the Summer term. More information relating to the will be available following this trial. The targets are also be linked to the Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and Education Health & Care Plans (EHCPs). This will enable more accurate assessment of the interventions in place.

The North West SILC uses the Pupil Premium Grant in a range of ways - these are identified in the attached Pupil Premium Report for the current academic year 2017/18 below.

Also available below is the 2016/17 Pupil Premium Report highlighting the impact and effectiveness of previously deployed interventions.

More Information

The Pupil Premium Grant is calcuated using a number of indicators, one of these is Free School Meals. If you are entitled to this or think you may be, but are not claiming, more information can be found at www.leeds.gov.uk

Department for Education

The DfE publish national gudance to schools on how the grant is calculated, and how we can use it to support pupils in school.  This detailed guidance can be found at www.gov.uk

Pupil Premium - Best Practice

The following links relate to infomation on effective use of the pupil premium, and are reources that the North West SILC considers and refers to in its strategic deployment and use of this funding.

Ten Point Plan for Spending the Pupil Premium Effectively

Sutton Trust Report on Pupil Premium Spending

Schools can also be subject to external reviews of the Pupil Premium Grant. The guidance on this review process can also be found on the Teachign School Council website www.tscouncil.org.uk

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