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Careers Education Programme


SLT Lead - David Bergan, Assistant Headteacher

The North West SILC values the importance of an enriching and stimulating Careers Education programme to all our pupils. This ensures that all our pupils can successfully navigate the ever changing provisions available to them once they leave school at 16 or 19.

All pupils at the North West SILC receive independent and impartial advice about the Education, Training and Employment opportunities on offer to them. This prepares our pupils for transition to their preferred provision; whether that is to continue within further education, supported employment, training, social care or supported living.

The Careers Education programme is delivered in a variety of ways, and has strong links to both our PSHE and Post-16 curriculums. The pupils work within whole class or small groups initially, to inspire and motivate all our young people for the world of work. All pupils are then additionally provided with individual guidance interviews from Year 9 onwards, with optional parent / carer attendance.

The North West SILC ensures that information from the Careers and Education programme is linked closely with all our pupil’s Education, Health and Care Plans to ensure that appropriate services and provisions are in place to meet the needs and aspirations of the individual.

At the North West SILC we aim for all our pupils to reach their full potential and be happily placed within an appropriate provision once they leave school.

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